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Lenovo HW02 Plus

Lenovo HW02 Plus

The fitness trackers market is currently being dominated by technology giants such as Xiaomi and Fitbit. Another player that is doing quite well in this particular segment is Lenovo. Their recently-unveiled HW02 Plus smart tracker comes featuring a 0.42-inch OLED touch screen display along with sporting around 40 x 72 pixels. Lenovo strives to provide fitness enthusiasts with all they require in this small package. The primary feature of Lenovo HW02 Plus is that it features PAI, also known as Personal Activity Intelligence technology. This important feature allows users to keep a record of their health and fitness sessions. PAI is the first activity metric that is scientifically proven to provide personalized exercise guidance that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to twenty-five per cent and extend lives by an average five years at least.

The Lenovo HW02 Plus consists of a display that showcases information such as the date, day, steps taken by the wearer, calories burnt during the procedure, heart rate meter as well as a battery indicator. Users can check all the above mentioned statistics on the fitness band by simply tapping on the tiny button that is embedded under the display of Lenovo HW02. The fitness band goes on to feature motion-wake sensor that allows users to activate the device by simply twisting their hands. According to the information provided by Lenovo, the fitness band is created using TPU + TPE material that is skin-friendly. Apart from this, the material used to create the fitness band also provides the wearers maximum comfort while wearing it. The watch goes on to pack a buckle towards the end, which comes with holes. This reminds one of the standard watch design. It appears that Lenovo decided to retain the standard look but also pack the fitness band with all the modern-day features for the fitness enthusiasts. Another Following given is a comprehensive list of all the important features that Lenovo HW02 Plus features:-

  • Features the innovative PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)
  • PAI provides personalized insight into the amount of exercise needed by the wearer to live healthy
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Pedometer, sleep, calories and sedentary reminder
  • USB charging cord
  • Long battery life
  • IOS, Android compatibility
  • Water-resistant
  • Bluetooth-friendly
  • Multiple display functions
  • Variety of statistics offered
  • Modern-day design

Lenovo’s HW02 Plus is an ideal choice for daily joggers and fitness enthusiasts if they are looking to make optimum benefit out of their budget. The choice in terms of colors will aesthetically please the wearer’s sense as well. The modern-day design is built to compliment the wearer’s personality.


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  • Abdul Azeem

    My Lenovo hwo2 plus is not working properly I need to get it checked

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